Animatronic Mamenchisaurus

Item No.: AD-MM015

Dinosaur name:Mamenchisaurus

Color(Customizable): Grey, blue, black, white.

Length(customizable): 12m(curve)


  1. Mouth open and close with synchronized sound.
  2. Head up to down.
  3. Neck left to right.
  4. Neck rotate.
  5. Abdomen breathe.
  6. Wagging tail.

Power: 110/220V 50/60Hz

Accessories: Rockery with speaker and controller box inside, cable.

Control mode: Timer and Infrared sensor, remote control, or button.

Plug(Optional): Europlug, American Standard, British Standard, South Africa Plug, Italian Plug, Swiss Plug

Main Materials: Anti-rust steel frame, Motors, high density/fireproof sponge, silicon rubber, paint, etc.

Lead time: usually 15 days(depend on order quantity)

Payment terms: Bank transfer, Paypal, Western Union, etc.

Applications: dinosaur parks, theme parks, shopping malls, water parks, city plazas, museums, events, commercial activities, etc.