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Sichuan Genial Tech specialized in design & development, manufacture, sales and
exhibitions of amusement equipment and landscapes.

The products can be mainly divided into 3 kinds of our products, simulation products, landscapes, and festival lanterns, including animatronic dinosaurs, fiberglass sculptures, metal sculptures, cement sculptures, stone sculptures, artificial grass sculptures, festival lanterns, buried excavation field, miniature landscapes, etc. They are widely used in city plazas, gardens, theme parks, etc.

Animatronic Dinosaur


Dinosaur Costume

Dinosaur costume

Dinosaur Ride

Dinosaurs Ride

Fiberglass Dinosaur


Simulation Animal

animatronic animal

Animatronic Insect

animatronic insect

Animatronic Dragon


Skeleton & Model


Miniature Landscape


Theme Lantern

theme lantern

Float & Barge

Festival Lantern peach float fb_Ocean Art.1

Light Sculpture


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