13m Dressed up T-rex

Item No.: AD-TX001

Dinosaur name: T-rex

Color(Customizable): Green, blue, black, orange, etc.


  1. Eyes blink.
  2. Mouth open and close with synchronized sound.
  3. Move front claws.
  4. Head up to down.
  5. Neck left to right.
  6. Abdomen breathe.
  7. Wagging tail.

Power: 110/220V 50/60Hz

Accessories: Rockery with speaker and controller box inside, cable.

Control mode: Timer and Infrared sensor, remote control, or button.

Plug(Optional): Europlug, American Standard, British Standard, South Africa Plug, Italian Plug, Swiss Plug

Main Materials: Anti-rust steel frame, Motors, high density/fireproof sponge, silicon rubber, paint, etc.

Lead time: usually 15 days(depend on order quantity)

Payment terms: Bank transfer, Paypal, Western Union, etc.

Applications: dinosaur parks, theme parks, shopping malls, water parks, city plazas, museums, events, commercial activities, etc.

13m Dressed T-rex